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Success story Uster Sentinel

Uster Sentinel – The ring spinning optimization system

Detecting faults at source with Uster Sentinel has enabled Ibrahim Fibres to extend the quality and performance benefits from ring spinning right through to the winding stage with Uster Quantum clearers. This is making a great difference to both quality and productivity across the mill.

End-break downtime in spinning has reduced by 80%, while clearer cuts at winding are 19% less than previously. Overall winding efficiency is up by 1%.

Mr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, General Manager of Textile Plant 4, says Uster Sentinel makes its operators’ lives easier too. They are guided logically to each break, instead of having to patrol monotonously. This means the operators are working more efficiently. Already they have been able to optimize operator assignment, increasing the work area of each by 35% after only a short time – and expect this to reach double the original level in future.

Success story Uster Quality Expert

Uster Quality Expert ‘has revolutionized production’

Benefits in profitability and customer relationships From the establishment of its first spinning mill in 1980, its own power generation plant in 1993 and the entry into polyester fiber production three years later, the story of Ibrahim
Fibres Limited has been one of relentless commitment to progress through investment in top-level technology.

Ibrahim Fibres is driven by a company ethos of future-oriented planning, with a strategy that targets ultimate competitiveness, achieved through efficiency and quality control.

The demands and opportunities of Industry 4.0 are in the forefront of the company’s thinking today, and the investment in Uster Quality Expert is an ideal example of that.

General Manager Mr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal is clear about the importance of the advanced quality management the Uster solution has enabled: “Uster Quality Expert has revolutionized our production,” he says. “It is not just a  technological upgrade but a strategic move towards a future-ready and Industry 4.0-enabled production facility. The benefits in terms of efficiency, quality, and overall competitiveness are evident, making this transformation a
resounding success.”

The benefit of real-time data analytics has been to provide precise monitoring and control of quality throughout the spinning processes. The impact on quality and efficiency in production has been felt not only in terms of the company’s own profitability, but also in its enhanced reputation among customers.

Says Mr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal: “We believe in a win-win relationship with our customers. Our aim is to deliver improved consistent quality to them, so they can achieve excellence in their own products.”

About Ibrahim Fibres Limited

Ibrahim Fibres Limited is one of Pakistan’s largest and most progressive textile spinning company, as well as being the country’s biggest manufacturer of polyester staple fiber. With a total of more than 240,000 spindles installed at a number of plants, Ibrahim produces spun yarn from both 100% synthetic fiber and blends, in the count range Ne 08 to 60. From its location in the area of Faisalabad, the company serves mainly the domestic Pakistan market.

Muhammad Zafar Iqbal
General Manager

Uster RSO is a real game changer for consistent yarn quality. We are delighted – and so is the customer.

Muhammad Zafar Iqbal General Manager

Uster Quality Expert is not just a technological upgrade but a strategic move towards a future-ready and Industry 4.0-enabled production facility.


Reference flyer Uster Sentinel: Ibrahim Fibres Limited
Reference flyer Uster Quality Expert: Ibrahim Fibres Limited

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