Feature overview of USTER® QUANTUM 3

YARN BODY™ and Smart Limits
The system uniquely identifies and displays the YARN BODY™ – using this as the basis to propose clearing limits. Applying Smart Limits based on this view of the normal yarn and its tolerable variations ensures quality.



Contamination clearing
Smart technology uses multi-color LEDs to classify foreign-matter separately into colored foreign fibers and ‘mostly non-disturbing’ vegetable material. Removal of really disturbing foreign fibers through the lowest number of cuts makes it the ultimate tool to control contamination and improve clearing efficiency significantly.



Vegetable clearing
The yarn clearers recognize cellulose-based contaminant or ‘vegetable matter’ which is not regarded as disturbing for applications where the yarn or fabric is to be bleached. Vegetable clearing improves productivity for spinners by distinguishing between different types of foreign material in cotton.



Polypropylene clearing
New sensor technology improves polypropylene detection enormously. Smaller, shorter and brighter contaminants can be reliably identified and cleared, leading to higher efficiency in polypropylene clearing. This is yet another means of reducing the number of cuts for the same quality level.



Unevenness, Hairiness, Imperfections and Classification – the Q parameters
Data collected while monitoring 100% of yarn during the winding process is directly comparable with data from USTER laboratory testing. Q parameters offer several possibilities to investigate the root cause of quality issues.



Periodic fault clearing
Periodic faults are among the most disturbing problems in fabric. The Periodic Fault feature (PF) detects these defects at all wavelengths and removes them.



Core Yarn Clearing
Core Yarn Clearing identifies significant problem areas with the core component. Core yarn with sections of the inner elastane missing or off-center can potentially cause huge fabric waste downstream. Core Yarn Clearing enables this major risk of fabric rejects to be effectively eliminated.



Color and Shade Variation Detection
For melange and colored yarns, avoiding deviations in color and shade are critical. Even the smallest variations – which the human eye can barely see – are detected and cleared, for better fabric quality.



The Expert System collects data from the control unit on the winding machine and provides reports which lead directly to practical guidance. It automatically evaluates vital quality parameters, making the task of handling and processing different articles on winding machines simpler, faster and more reliable.