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Birla Textile Mills - Optimized quality and cost – even with recycled materials

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Uster Quantum 4.0 is a game-changer

With 2,000 employees and over 83,000 spindles, the Indian company Birla Textile Mills, a unit of Sutlej Textiles and Industries Limited, has faced up with all the ‘normal’ difficulties of fluctuating market conditions, along with the added challenges of a strong focus on the use of recycled fiber materials in its yarn production.

Birla Textile Mills is sure that its task in maintaining the consistent quality its customers expect has been greatly helped by its installation of the latest generation of Uster Quantum 4.0 yarn clearer, alongside a range of other Uster quality measuring, monitoring and analysis systems.

Says Mr Rohit Arora, Executive President of the Birla Textile Mills: “Uster Quantum 4.0 is a complete game-changer in quality management with its innovative Smart Duo technology. It not only facilitates day-to-day quality monitoring but also gives the edge needed to delight our customers.”

“The benefits of consistent quality are immense, since it paves the way for better productivity and reduced cost structures. Cost is important, and we find that maintaining quality, by an 24/7 quality insurance given by the clearer, is the best way to reduce cost.”

Birla Textile Mills is located in Baddi, a town on the border of Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana, and is a unit of Sutlej Textiles and Industries Ltd., of Mumbai. The Company is led by Mr. C. S. Nopany its Executive Chairman. About 60% of production is exported, the major markets being USA, Europe, Bangladesh, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Turkey. Yarns are produced from 100% cotton, both virgin and recycled polyester and viscose, among other fibers, in both dyed and grey state.

Mr. Rohit Arora
Executive President
Birla Textile Mills

The benefits are immense. It paves the way for better productivity and reduced cost structures.


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