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Critical actions to optimize business based on Uster systems

Competing successfully in a shrinking market requires careful attention to a range of critical production disciplines to improve product quality and enhance productive efficiency. For Anhui Shunyuan, a progressive Chinese spinning company, the solution was to implement a new system for managing both quality and production based on Uster systems.

The key to the company’s successful introduction of stringent new quality and production control standards was the installation in 2022 of Uster Quality Expert, Quantum Expert and Vision Shield Expert systems to work with the spinning operation to provide new levels of quality monitoring, with rapid identification and correction of issues. Not only does this save valuable production time, it also optimizes efficiency within individual processes and overall.

Says company director Mr Zheng Zunyi: “We have noted effective reduction in production costs, stabilization of product quality, and a reduction in quality issues and complaints from customers.”

“We are actively promoting the progress of our Phase II project, and looking forward to further comprehensive technical cooperation with Uster.”

The outcome of the renewed quality and productivity regime has been a direct impact on yarn sales, despite the continuing depressed market conditions, alongside the growing strength of the company’s brand image as a quality yarn supplier and reliable partner.

About Anhui Shunyuan

Anhui Shunyuan is located in the city of Anqing, in the Anhui province of China, and operates 180,000 ring spindles, producing cotton, viscose and polyester yarn in 100%, as well as cotton blends. Major markets include the coastal provinces and Yangtze River Delta in China, as well as overseas sales. With 400 employees, Anhui Shunyuan has a yearly output value of 800 million RMB.

Facing the continuing market difficulties, the company needed to focus on new approaches to quality control and productivity, by introducing strict new regimes based on the data and guidance from Uster systems.

In this interview, director Mr Zheng Zunyi, outlines the problems and explains the role the Uster systems played in ensuring continuing success.

Mr. Zheng Zunyi

UQX ensures the stable yarn quality and gains high reputation and trust from our customers.


Reference flyer: Anhui Shunyuan

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