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Nahar Spinning Mills Ltd. Malerkotla, India - Quality is the basis for a long-term partnership

Success story

Solving pilling issues with Value Module mill analysis

Even world-class yarn producers like Nahar Spinning Mills Ltd are not exempt from the difficulties created by external market and commercial conditions. In recent times, the rising prices of raw materials, as well as some actual shortages, have created real challenges. In this environment, manufacturing costs have increased. At the same time, falling market prices for yarns have added to the pressures on all spinners.

That’s where some specific solutions prompted by the Quality Management Platform from Uster have been instrumental in improving detailed – but significant – aspects of the company’s production processes.

Nahar Spinning Mills, located at Malerkotla in the state of Punjab, India, has top-rated spinning and R&D facilities, as well as a fully-equipped laboratory with latest instruments, including Uster Tester 6.

Uster Quality Expert has been a key element in maintaining quality consistency for Nahar. Unit Head Mr. Mukesh Rustagi (General Manager), mentions particularly the importance of the system’s ready-made and easy-to-use database, which automatically enables quality comparisons based on both inline and laboratory data. 

“Trend monitoring is just a click away.” he says. “The Quality Management Platform helps us trace and track quality deviations in the fastest time, which is vital in avoiding unnecessary losses.”

The Value Modules provided through Uster Quality Expert have driven insights into critical issues such as pilling analysis, in which the Yarn Prognosis module guided notable improvements. As a result production of B-grade yarn was minimized and the confidence of key customers was enhanced by the assured yarn quality levels being delivered.

About Nahar Spinning Mills Ltd.

Nahar Spinning Mills Ltd started as worsted and hosiery unit in Ludhiana, in the Indian state of Punjab, in 1980. In the early 1990s the company added a spinning unit at Malerkotla, to produce high-quality value-added yarn. The mill is equipped with stateo-f-the-art spinning machines and world-class R&D facilities. It has a complete Uster textile laboratory, with latest-generation instruments such as the Uster Tester 6. 

The mill has 145,968 ring spindles and 768 air-jet spinning positions, producing yarn counts in the range Ne 10 – 40 in 100% cotton, synthetic and blends. Markets include Vietnam, Bangladesh, Israel, Korea, Mauritius, Turkey, Thailand, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Poland, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, USA and China.

As a long-term partner of Uster Technologies, Nahar appreciates the benefits of Uster Quality Expert in guiding real improvements in quality consistency through detailed datad-riven comparisons. In this interview, General Manager Mr. Mukesh Rustagi outlines the company’s current challenges and explains how the Value Modules of Uster Quality Expert are helping to deliver positive advantages.

Mr. Mukesh Rustagi,
Unit Head
General Manager

Uster Quality Expert is really Quality Expert helps in improving yarn quality and giving us customers satisfaction.


Reference flyer: Nahar Spinning Mills Ltd.

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