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‘Easy’ quality management for ultimate customer satisfaction

Success story

Chinese spinner implements real-time monitoring and data analysis with Uster Quality Expert.

From time-consuming manual data collection and analysis to comprehensive quality control of the spinning processes… that’s the significant upgrade achieved by Shandong Zhink New Material Co., of Zaozhuang City in China.

For a spinner operating in a diverse and extremely competitive environment, with a sizeable export business, the question of quality – and especially consistency of quality – has a massive influence on production routines, as well as on customer perceptions. Thanks to Uster Quality Expert, Shandong Zhink is enjoying comprehensive mill analysis, with error prevention and the facility for fast changes of machine settings. Before UQX, the mill had to rely on manual data only. Now, UQX has allowed the company to access integrated production and quality data inline, in a single unified system.

Says General Manager Mr. Changjin Ding: “We have been able to change our working methods to make the most of the benefits. For example, instead of applying clearer settings machine-by-machine, the system now synchronizes data across all winders running the same article, to avoid the risk of errors.

It means we can detect potential quality problems early and prevent bigger issues. So we can ensure greater consistency of yarn quality. UQX makes it easy to manage quality and deliver the products that guarantee total customer satisfaction – as well as better profits for us.”

About Anhui Shunyuan

Located in Zaozhuang City in the Shandong Province of China, the company operates a total of 150,000 spindles, including 46,800 in its Unit 3 spinning mill, which is highlighted in this report.

Unit 3 alone has 160 employees and exports about 30% of total output. The product range includes polyester blends with modal and viscose, as well as cotton/flax yarns. Manufactured using compact and Siro spinning systems, these yarns are destined for weaving and knitting applications. Major markets include China, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Russia.

UQX makes it easy to achieve better consistency and stability in yarn quality – which means greater customer satisfaction and improved profitability.


Reference flyer: Anhui Shunyuan

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