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Uster Quality Expert is "the complete solution"

Systems integration improves productivity and enables Total Contamination Control.

Spinners worldwide face the multiple challenges of increasing costs from all sides, combined with the unremitting demand for total consistency in quality to satisfy their customers. Tata Textile Mills Limited, one of Pakistan’s best-known yarn producers, was already equipped with the best modern textile technology, but was still seeking the ultimate solution to provide optimum production routines for assured quality and managed costs.

Its decision to try Uster Quality Expert proved to be a wise one, bringing fast and reliable data analysis to drive improvements to processes. From there it was easier to identify and prevent quality outliers, troubleshoot machine and component issues and take control of contamination.

Particularly valuable was the integration of Quality Expert functions with existing Uster solutions in the mill, such as Jossi Vision Shield at the start of the sequence and Quantum Clearers at the winding stage. Optimizing data from these system enabled the mill to embrace Total Contamination Control, while using Uster Sentinel for ring spinning machine monitoring reduced end-breaks.

Mr. Adeel Shahid Tata, Chief Operating Officer, describes Uster Quality Expert as “the complete solution”, empowering detailed changes that resulted in the quality consistency that the company and its customers require. The profit motive was also important, as Mr. Tata explains: “When you improve the quality of the product you automatically improve the productivity. Cost is more important than quality, but quality is the best way to reduce cost.”

About Tata Textile Mills Limited

Tata Textile Mills Limited is a company which places great emphasis on high standards, both in its fundamental business philosophy and its actual operations as one of Pakistan’s premier spinners.

With its headquarters in Karachi, the company has plants at Kotri and Muzaffargarh, with a total of 127,092 ring spinning spindles and 2,744 twisting spindles installed. Products include ring and compact spun yarns from 100% cotton, as well as blends in carded, combed and plied yarns. Major markets are in China, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Evidence of its ongoing commitment to excellence includes the ISO-9002 award earned in 1997, and its Usterized certification in 2005 – in each case being the first Pakistani spinning mill to achieve these standards.

Mr. Adeel Shahid Tata
Chief Operating Officer

Uster Quality Expert is the complete solution. Using it, we have been able to maintain consistent yarn quality 365 days a year.


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