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New benchmark plant for advanced manufacturing

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Intelligent spinning operation benefits from Uster Quality Expert

In the Chinese province of Henan, a leading textile company is starting production at a new 80,000-spindle plant which is destined to be a benchmark for advanced modern manufacturing. 

The Wugang Yunlong Textile plant will have an automated and intelligent compact spinning line, supported by 21st Century technology including the textile ‘Internet of Things’, with Uster Quality Expert and other advanced features such as integrated smart chip tracking.

Wugang Yunlong Textile is an established leading player in China’s textile industry, part of Wugang Yinlong Group. Existing production facilities total 180,000 spindles, staffed by more than 400 employees. The new state-of-the-art additional spinning mill is intended as the standout industrial operation in the Henan textile region.

Currently, Wugang Yunlong has an annual output of about 20,000 tons of compact-spun cotton yarn, in the count range Ne 32 to Ne 60. Sales revenues total 500 million RMB per year, with major export markets including Asia, Europe, America and Africa.

For the new plant, Uster Quality Expert delivers the essential quality and production controls required to satisfy customers in increasingly demanding global markets. According to Mr Wang Ping, General Engineer at the company, the speed at which the Uster system identifies potential issues, and guides corrective actions, is vital: “With Uster Quality Expert, we can grasp the changing trends of product quality parameters in real time, so as to take preventive quality management measures and improve the stability of quality,” he states. “The analysis of correlation reports can help optimize maintenance, replacement parts cycles, workshop temperature and humidity standards and the efficiency of operators.”

The overall effect is improve production efficiency in several ways, while also reducing costs. These benefits also contribute significantly to business success and overall profitability, Mr Wang Ping says.

Mr Wang Ping
General Engineer

The Uster Quality Expert system eliminates the source of quality problems, and improves production efficiency while reducing production costs.


Reference flyer: Wugang Yunlong Textile Co. Ltd.

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