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Xiajin Ruixin Textile, China – Real-time quality monitoring and analysis

Success story

Uster Expert Systems improve efficiency and boost profitability

When market conditions are bad, the pressure on spinners increases. Customers demand better quality and service from their yarn producers. It’s a continuing story: the business environment this year has again been extremely demanding, even for well-equipped progressive companies like Xiajin Ruixin. So, how has this leading Chinese spinner been able to remain competitive, and even managed to enhance both quality consistency and production efficiency?

A major contributor to the success of Xiajin Ruixin has been the ability to implement real-time quality monitoring with Uster Expert systems. Supported by a combination of Uster’s in-process and laboratory instruments, the Quality Expert, Quantum Expert and Vision Shield Expert solutions offer fast quality control and analysis. This enables the mill to identify and remedy quality issues at the earliest stage, while also guiding equipment maintenance requirements.

Efficiency improvements arising from these benefits mean that the entire manufacturing process runs more smoothly and production costs are optimized alongside the quality advantages, to boost overall profitability.

As a result, Xiajin Ruixin is confident that its yarn quality standards are consistently high. Stringent customer quality demands are met, and its brand image and reputation are
consequently heightened.

Says mill owner Mr Jinxing Jiang: "In yarn manufacturing, we can now locate and rectify any issues in a timely manner. This has brought multiple benefits in higher production efficiency and assured yarn quality, as well as reducing quality complaints and controlling costs, to make profits higher."


About Xiajin Ruixin Textile

Xiajin Ruixin Textile Co. Ltd. is an awardwinning spinning company located in the Shandong province of China. It has received a number of honors for business excellence
in its region, including recognition for health and safety and environmental responsibility.

Its spinning unit in Xiangzhaozhuang town, Xiajin county, employs 500 people and is equipped with 100,000 spindles, producing mainly 100% combed cotton on compact and
Siro systems. Yarns in the count range Ne 8 to Ne 40 are generally for knitting applications.

Major markets are in various regions of China, with average annual revenues around 500 million RMB.

The need to remain competitive while delivering the consistently high quality demanded by customers has led to the company taking advantage of the benefits of Uster Quality Expert to make significant progress in managing production costs, while also enhancing its reputation in the industry

Mr. Jinxing Jiang

"We can quickly identify quality problems and rectify them in good time."


Reference flyer: Xiajin Ruixin Textile

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