Uster customer Pt. Embee

Pt. Embee Plumbon Textiles, Indonesia – Optimizing both waste and quality through
Total Contamination Control and alarm management

Success story

Optimize both quality and efficiency

Uster Quality Expert has enabled this mill to optimize both quality and efficiency, detecting and fixing defects quickly through mobile alerts – and reducing waste of good fiber.

Uster Quality Expert has brought wide-ranging benefits to Indonesian spinner PT. EMBEE PLUMBON TEXTILES. The company’s Technical Director, Mr Poonia, reports that Total Contamination Control has enabled a 50% reduction in material ejected by Vision Shield in the blowroom. And this has been achieved together with no increase in clearer cuts at winding, so that remaining defects in the yarn are consistently controlled.

The value of Uster Mobile Alerts is also highlighted by an example of a real yarn fault which the mill noted during winding. Alarms from the system allowed the defect to be traced back to an issue with a new supply of polyester at the drawing stage. It was causing an increase in dust in the draw frame coiler, creating a fault in spinning.

Locating and correcting this fault within a single day saved ‘a tremendous amount of material’ which would otherwise have been classed as second quality. It also prevented machine efficiency being affected by yarn breaks and cuts.

Training and technology support from Uster benefited both the company’s new installations and an older unit, so that the two units are now connected, with enhanced overall quality control.

About Pt. Embee

PT Embee Plumbon Textile became operational in 1999 at the site close to the city of Cirebon in West Java, approximately 200km from the capital city of Jakarta. The plant is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to serve the global market. The 3rd generation of textile machinery with the latest software has established a new standard in quality and plant economics for the 21st century.

Mr. Poonia
Technical Director

UQX value modules ensures high throughput of first quality production.


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