Arun Textiles (P) Ltd.

Arun Textile is a well equipted company with stat of the war Uster equipment. USTER® AFIS PRO, USTER® HVI 1000, USTER® TESTER 4, USTER® TENSOJET 4, USTER® CLASSIMAT, USTER® TESTER 5, USTER® QUANTUM EXPERT and USTER® LAB EXPERT

100% bale plucker, polypropylene and colour contamination cleaning at blowroom (MAGIC EYE), chute feed, autolevelled, combed, autoconer with USTER® QUANTUM 3 clearer.

With dedicated well-qualified personnel with skillful workforce.

Raw material


Yarn Type

Compact yarn, Ring yarn
Carded and combed

Product Capacity

2,400 tons yarn per year

Other certifications

ISO 9001-2008 Quality Mangement Systems

Usterized member contact

80, Perumal Koil Street
Tirupur – 641604