Iskur Tekstil Enerji Ticaret ve Sanayi A.S.

Iskur Textile Energy Trade and Industry Inc. was founded by A.Kadir Kurtul in 1990. It started to operate in cotton farming, cotton ginning and cotton trading. Today, ISKUR operates in textiles, energy (power production), agriculture, automotive dealership, marketing and construction fields with its high technology machinery and qualified personnel. Since the textiles production is the core of ISKUR’s business model, the company has strategical investments and partnerships in textiles. Spinning, knitting, knitted dye-house, ready-made garment, weaving and denim production make ISKUR an integrated company and enable it to control the production in each stage of the cotton’s journey through the final garment. 


ISKUR has 3 Ring, 3 OE and 1 Vortex Spinning mill that produces a total of 145 tons/day yarn. The latest technology machinery and the yarn laboratory which has USTER® testing equipment enable us to produce highest quality yarns. By using the advantages of being an integrated company, ISKUR has control of all the production.

Conventional Cotton, Sustainable cotton (BCI, Organic), Long Staple Cotton, Viscose, Polyester, Tencel, Modal, Bamboo are some of the raw materials that are being used in our production. 

Fiber-dyed melanges, ecru melanges and ecru fibers are used in spinning mills. 

Fiber-dyed melange catalogue is available in special colours with %100 Cotton Melange, Cotton/Pes Melange, %100 Modal Melange, Cotton/Modal Melange, %100 Viscose Melange, Pes/Viscose Melanges.  

Ring Spinning

ISKUR has 3 Ring Spinning mills and produces about 60 tons / day ring spun yarns. 

Combed, Carded, Compact, Core spun and Slub yarns can be produced in these mills. 

Count range is between 16/1 and 70/1 in combed yarns, between 8/1 and 36/1 in carded yarns. 

OE Spinning

70 tons / day OE spun yarns produced in 3 OE spinning mills.

Yarn count range is between 5/1 and 32/1.

Vortex Spinning

Production capacity is 15 tons/ day in vortex spinning mill. 

Yarn count range is between 12/1 and 50/1.

Raw material

CLY (Tencel), CMD, CO (BCI, Organic), CV (Bamboo), PES  and their blends

Yarn type

Air-jet yarn, Melange yarn, Ring yarn, Rotor yarn
Carded and dyed

Product Capacity

205 tons/day

Usterized member contact

Eyüp Sultan Mh. Doğu Çevre Yolu Blv. No: 98/A
46200 Dulkadiroğlu