Sudiva Spinners Pvt Ltd.

Sudiva Spinners was set up in 2008, initially as an open-end spinning plant for 100% cotton with 816 rotors. Since then, it went on three expansions and byl 2014 it had 2,208 rotors producing 100% cotton as well as blend yarns. However, in 2015 it underwent a major diversification-cum- expansion by adding 28,560 spindles for producing 100% carded and combed cotton yarn with 25% doubling capacity. The ring spinning count range is from 16s to 40s including contaminatio-free yarn.

Raw material

Co (BT cotton)

Yarn Type

Ring yarn, Rotor yarn

Usterized member contact

91 Km, Stone, N.H.79 ,Village Dhunwalia, P.O. Sareri
311024 District Bhilwara