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Hoa Tho Textile, Vietnam – Complete mill quality available in real time

Success story

Quality Expert: the operators’ and managers’ favorite

All the vital information is available in real time, to the right personnel to control the quality at yarn clearing in combination with other mill processes, and take immediate action where needed. 

Uster Quality Expert has made a significant improvement to quality management at Hoa Tho Textile. Fast access to essential quality data, from all its spinning mill processes, is critical to integrating quality control from yarn clearing with results from blowroom, carding and roving.

It's regarded as a major benefit to have all the vital information available centrally, connecting Uster AFIS Pro 2, Uster Tester 6, Uster Tensojet 5 and Uster Quantum 3 yarn clearers in one system under Uster Quality Expert.

Real-time quality results are available to managers, allowing quick responses to any issues – helped by guidance from Assistant Q. The system saves time, reduces e-mail traffic and frees up senior management from routine tasks. And the Uster Mobile Alert App keeps personnel in touch when away from the mill.

Monitoring overall quality performance is very important for Hoa Tho Textile, and Uster Quality Expert helps optimize the performance of all stages mill production.

About Hoa Tho Textile

Founded in 1962, Hoa Tho Textile is one of Vietnam’s most well-established and largest clothing and yarn producers.

Hoa Tho offers a diversified portfolio covering products such as suits, pants, jackets, work-wears etc. With assured quality and trendy designs, Hoa Tho’s products are highly appreciated by customers, including those in demanding markets such as the USA, Europe, Japan and South Korea.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Khanh
Manager of the Yarns Technology Department

I have a better view of the quality produced in our mills, while spending less time to get the information I need. 


Reference flyer: Hoa Tho Textile

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