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Uster Quality Expert

“Uster Quality Expert (UQX) hosted in Uster Tester 6, and its connectivity with Uster Quantum Expert, Uster Jossi Vision Shield and AFIS Pro, helped us to manage spinning process control and monitor consistent quality levels with ease,” says Mr. Sanowar Hossain – AGM of Shirin Spinning Mills Ltd., one of Bangladesh’s best-known textile mills.

Among the key benefits of UQX connectivity is availability of quality data in real time, with transparency to focused teams involving production, maintenance and quality assurance departments, resulting in paperless dataflow. Mill analysis reports now make our job easier to compare process performance between units for deviations and maintain consistent quality levels on a continuous basis.

Another important benefit is alarms management. We have been using Uster Mobile Alerts for a year. It is a good tool for all concerned, including shopfloor personnel, as it enables us to bring issues under control quickly in preparatory and ring spinning process stages, which is especially relevant for periodic faults.

Additionally, it is now possible for us to optimize ejection rates in the Uster Jossi Vision Shield system at acceptable contamination levels, at the yarn stage, with the unique Total Contamination Control (TCC) value module integrated in UQX. With the TCC module, we were able to reduce our waste levels by 6.5 tons per line per year, due to ejections being reduced by 25% and more, while the quality of manual sorting is improved by 12% in comparison to earlier levels due to less ejected material.

Uster Quality Expert is now our daily tool to optimize our process control and monitor quality consistency on a continuous basis.

About Shirin Spinning Mills

Shirin Spinning Mills Ltd. is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of 100% cotton and blended yarn. The company was established in 2008 and now has a total of 81,492 ring spindles and 960 rotors. Shirin Spinning Mills Ltd. is equipped with a global machinery set-up and is exporting products across the world, mainly to European customers.

Md. Sanowar Hossain
Asst General Manager QCAD

We could optimize our process and monitor quality consistency with help of Uster Quality Expert.


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