Anhui Huamao Textile Co., Ltd., Mill No. 7

Anhui Huamao Textile Stock Co. is a listed company (stock code: 000850), whose shares are mainly held by Anhui Huamao Group Co., Ltd., which is a state-owned holding company. The total share of Anhui Huamao Textile Stock Co. is RMB 629.11 Milllion Yuan.

The major yarn quality parameters are up to 5%-25% percentile of USTER® STATISTICS. The 1st grade of grey fabric according to Four-Point System can be above 80%, which make Huamao a national leader in China.

Raw material


Yarn Type

Compact yarn, Compact Fancy yarn, Siro yarn
Carded and combed

Product Capacity

55,000 tons yarn per year
80 million meters of “Yinbo” brand high-grade pure cotton gray goods

Usterized member contact

No. 80, Textile South Road
Daguan District
Anhui Province