Filartex s.p.a.

Filartex was born in 1958 in Brescia province (Italy) and is one of Europe’s finest yarn spinners today. This is thanks to the know-how of the Bonadei family, the owners and operators of the company. Our song sings “YARN EVERY WEAR”, in fact we produce yarns in 35 typologies using different raw materials. This is a great help for stylists all over the world to create the most beautiful blue jeans, the highest performing fabrics, active socks, cashmere shirts.

Raw material

AR (Kevlar 970, X-Static), CLY (Tencel), CMD, CO, CV,  EL (Kermel, T-400,  Lycra, Dorlastan), LI, Milk fiber (Xla), PA (Cordura), PES (Dacron, Thermolite, Securelle, Trevira 350),  PP (Asota, Solutia), WO

Yarn Type

Compact yarn, Core yarn, Melange yarn, Ring yarn

Product Capacity

3 million kg yarn per year

Usterized member contact

via Firenze, 13
S. Pancrazio (BS)