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1. Uster Jossi Vision Shield N  
Uster Jossi Vision Shield N contamination sorters detect and eliminate contamination at the fiber preparation stage, before it is shredded into smaller particles.  
2. Uster EVS Fabriq Vision N  
Uster EVS Fabriq Vision N helps the producers of nonwovens ensure reliable quality through automated inspection.  
3. Uster Q-Bar  
Increase Fabric Yield Use the algorithm to detect defects before they occur Detect irregularities in the selvedge Quality Monitoring Process monitoring Prevent or minimize defects when…  
4. Uster EVS Fabriq Vision  
Uster EVS Fabriq Vision detects fabric defects and helps fabric producers ensure reliable fabric quality through automated inspection.  
5. Uster EVS Fabriq Shade  
Uster EVS Fabriq Shade monitors fabric shade and helps fabric producers deliver dyed textiles with uniform colors.  
6. Uster Sentinel  
Uster Sentinel is our system for the most critical stage in spinning mill operation - ring spinning  
7. Uster Quantum  
Secures Yarn Quality Combined clearing Enhanced detection modes Prevents Defects Defects cannot pass and issues in downstream processes are prevented Connectivity to quality management…  
8. Uster Magic Eye  
Uster Jossi Magic Eye enhances contamination control of Uster Jossi Vision Shield by detecting white and transparent polypropylene.  
9. Uster Jossi Vision Shield  
The Uster Jossi Vision Shield contamination sorter detects contaminants in cotton and only removes what is necessary.  
10. Uster RSO 3D  
Quality control for textile mills with a combination of Uster Sentinel, Uster Quantum 4.0, Uster Quantum Expert and Muratec QPRO EX/FPRO EX with Spin Inspector; Savio Polar Evolution  
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